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curriculum vitae

Name: Couprie, Dirk Leendert
Date of birth: March 23, 1940 at The Hague
Address: St.Maartenslaan 51D, 6221 AW, Maastricht, The Netherlands
tel: 043-3262061




- Gymnasium A, The Hague, 1953-1959

- Philosophy at the Universities of Groningen and Leiden, 1959-1965(I studied mainly with the professors C.A.van Pursen † (contemporary philosophy), A.G.M.van Melsen † (logic and philosophy of the sciences), F.L.R.Sassen † (Greek/Roman philosophy, metaphysics), Rijk (Medieval philosophy), G.Nuchelmans † (analytic philosophy, philosophy of language), O.D.Duintjer (metaphysics, modern philosophy, esp. Kant and Heidegger), J.H.M.M.Loenen † (Greek philosophy, philosophy of culture), and C.W.M.Verhoeven † (Greek philosophy, metaphysics).

- Ph.D. at the University of Amsterdam, 1989 (thesis on Anaximander, see publications on Anaximander).



Working career

(I have had two alternating careers: as a professional philosopher on the one hand, and as a university- and school-manager on the other):

1. Professional career as a philosopher:

- 1965-1971: Associate Professor (“Wetenschappelijk hoofdmedewerker”) at the Faculty of Philosophy at the University of Leiden.
I read courses in: introduction to philosophy, survey of the history of philosophy, capita selecta of Greek philosophy, metaphysics and the history of modern philosophy.
- sabbatical leave, 1975-1976, during which I worked on a Ph.D. thesis which was not finished because of an appointment as director of an Academy for Social Work, see below.


- 1986 - 1989: Working on a Ph.D. thesis on Anaximander with professor Cornelis Verhoeven † of the University of Amsterdam (other members of the examining-board were the professors David Runia (Hellenic Studies, University of Leiden) and Jan van Paradijs † (Astronomy, University of Amsterdam).

- since 1995: star member of the Amsterdam School for Cultural Analysis, Theory and Interpretation (ASCA) of the University of Amsterdam (no teaching obligations; the ASCA is a research-school).


Since 1986, apart from some interim-management interludes, see below, I am an independent researcher. See the lists of publications on Anaximander and other philosophical publications.


2. University- and schoolmanagement career.

- chairman of the University Council of the University of Leiden, 1971-1975 (The University Council was a management board, chosen by the university community, and I was chosen as chairman; this was a full-time management job).

- director of the Academy for Social Work at Hengelo, 1976-1986 (this was also a management job, without teaching tasks).

- chairman of the Board of Directors (interim-manager) of the Oosterborch-college at Enschede, 1990. (I was asked to manage the merger of three schools for professional education).

- interim-manager of the Faculty of Philosophy of the University of Amsterdam, 1991-1994. (I was asked by the University Board to conduct the reorganization of the Faculty, both on the human resource level and as regards the teaching- and research programs).

- interim-manager of the Faculty of Theology of the University of Amsterdam, 1992 (the same University Board asked me to finish the reorganization which has been conducted by another interim-manager).